Shop Settings (Manage Shipping Policy)

You can set your shipping policy by selecting shipping options. b.stage supports international shipping, and you may set different shipping policies that are suitable to your products.

Set up your own shipping fees by item or by weight for overseas fans to enjoy the shipping services. It is also possible to provide multiple shipping options to suit your fans' needs, allowing them to choose the best option by themselves.

👉 Manage shipping policies

  • Shipping policies that must be set as essential when selling physical products can be found in SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Manage Shipping Policy.
  • In order to add a shipping policy, the warehouse location must be added first via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Manage Warehouses.
  • For a guide to adding the warehouse, check here.

✔️ Shipping Policy List

  • In the Shipping Policy List, you can check the Shipping Policy Name, Warehouse Location, the number of Domestic and International Shipping Options, the number of Products using shipping policy and the Usage Status of Shipping Policy.
  • Please click the [Add] button to add a new Shipping Policy. You can add up to 5.


✔️ Basic Information - Shipping Policy Information

  • Default information in the shipping policy is for management purposes only and will not be shown to users.
  • Please note that a warehouse's location cannot be changed if at least 1 product is connected to it.
  • Name (Required): Please enter a name for your shipping policy. You can enter up to 50 characters. It is recommended to entering the name associated with the warehouse location to be connected. (Example: Warehouse A - Shipping Policy A, etc.)

    Description: Please add a brief description of your shipping policy. It is used only for management purposes and will not be shown to users.

    Warehouse location (Required): Please select a warehouse location from the drop-down list to associate with the shipping policy. Please note that a warehouse's location cannot be changed if at least 1 product is connected to it.

  • Shipping Options: Once you select domestic or international shipping, you'll be able to add up to 5 options for each.

    It is highly recommended to separating Domestic and International Shipping options rather than applying the same option.

    If you offer 2 or more shipping options, customers will be able to choose which one they want. If you are capable of supporting multiple shipping options, such as express shipping for an additional fee, consider adding more options to offer customers a choice.

    Option Name (Required): Please enter a shipping option name. Good shipping option names describes the type of shipping customers can expect. Example include Standard, Express, Freight, Overair, etc.

    Items with this symbol (🚀) will be visible to customers, so please double-check.

    Option Description (Required): This description will be displayed on product details page and cart. Please be sure to add an expected shipping fee. Ex) $10 and up (The actual shipping fee will be subject to change depending on the product's weight.)

    If you offer a discounted shipping fee, we recommend including details on the conditions for receiving it. Ex) 3,000 won (Free shipping with purchase of 50,000 or more / Some regions are excluded.)

    Expected shipping time: Please estimate shipping time based on business days. If the delivery is delayed past the expected date, you may receive inquiries from customers. Please enter a number of 1 or greater, up to 5 characters can be entered.

    Maximum Shipping Weight (Required): Please set the maximum weight that can be delivered. Products that exceed this weight may not be shipped and payments will not be processed. Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1 and rounded to the first decimal place.

    Shipping Fee Discount: If you offer free shipping, you can choose a discount for the entire shipping fee or offer a partial discount. Please switch on to "Available".

    • Discount full amount (free shipping): You can offer free shipping regardless of the region/weight.

    • Partial discount: Please enter the basic and discounted shipping fees. You can choose to discount shipping fees by region/weight. (Basic shipping fee) - (Shipping discount) = (Final shipping fee).

    • Minimum order value for discount: You can set the minimum order value that the chosen discount would be applied.

  • • A shipping fee rate table will be provided based on the selected shipping country.

    • In other words, domestic shipping refers to shipping within the shipping country, and international shipping refers to shipping outside the shipping country.

    1. Domestic

    • Clicking on region information allows you to choose the regions where you want to offer a discounted shipping fee. You cannot delete the default region.

    • You can enter a set shipping fee for each region, regardless of weight.

    2. International

    ⓐ By item:

    • The single shipping fee option allows you to charge a flat fee for each country/region regardless of product weight.

    • Please enter a shipping fee to charge for each section.

    ৹ Please enter the amount in the standard currency. (KRW = 1 won unit)

    ৹ For unsupported countries/regions, please leave all price input columns blank.

    How to Use This Table

    You can copy and paste the same fee without entering them one by one.

    Right-click on an empty space as shown below and manage data as you would with Microsoft Excel.

    ⓑ By weight:

    • Entering weight allows you to charge shipping fees depending on the country/region and weight.

    • The scope of shipping fees charged is the same value of the previous row "or more" or "less than" the value of the row.

    ① Please enter the weight first.

    ৹ Weights can be entered up to 2 decimal points (0.00 kg) and must be entered in ascending order.

    ৹ The last row of the weight must be equal to the [Maximum Shipping Weight] that was entered under [Basic Information].

    ② Please enter a weight-based shipping fee.

    ৹ Please enter the amount in the standard currency. (KRW = 1 won unit).

    ৹ For unsupported countries/regions, please leave all price input columns blank.

✔️ Delete Shipping Policy

  • Hover your mouse over the shipping policy you want to delete, and a wastebasket icon will appear on the right. You can delete it by clicking the corresponding icon.
  • Please note that you can only delete a shipping policy when no products are using it.