Let's provide new experiences to your fans in the way you want through setting up memberships!


👉 Membership settings

  • Please select a membership option via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Memberships.

✔️ Membership benefits available to subscribers

  • Exclusive content: You can make any or all content, including videos, posts, and surveys/polls, available exclusively to members with subscriptions
  • Exclusive Star Stories: You can make Star account posts and surveys visible only to members with subscriptions
  • Private Communities: You can Set the community as Members-only.
  • Exclusive Products for Members: You can restrict specific products to members with subscriptions
  • We are working hard to provide you with a wider range of benefits

👉 Memberships

  • Membership Options: b.stage supports two membership options.
    • General membership
      • Only monthly recurring payments are currently supported.
      • Payment options to allow customers to make lump-sum purchases of 6-month or annual memberships are coming soon!
      • If you would like to always recruit membership members and provide monthly benefits in a general form, please utilize General membership.
    • Seasonal membership
      • Members can only join for a limited amount of time. If you want to vary benefits by the time of the year, a seasonal membership could be the answer. (Ex: 1st round to 2nd round, 2021 to 2022).
    • Membership sample
      • After membership setup is complete, a membership sample is automatically created as a draft in PRODUCTS > Memberships.
      • Please refer to the sample and modify it according to the type of membership you want.

👉 Add membership

  • At first, you can add a new membership by editing the membership sample and clicking [Launch membership] in the upper right corner. You can do it by clicking [Add] button on the top right later on.

✔️ Basic information

ⓐ Membership Name (Required)

  • To grab people's attention, we recommend giving your membership a name that's simple, easy to remember, and reflects your brand.
  • If you're offering a seasonal membership, choose a name that distinguishes the season it's tied to (ex: 2020 Annual Membership).


ⓑ Membership thumbnail (Required)

  • Thumbnails help you brand your memberships and attract customers' attention.
  • The recommended image size is 800*800px (1:1 ratio), and supports JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats up to 5MB.


ⓒ Season settings - Seasonal membership only

  • Display period (Required): The period during which membership products are exposed. The selling period can be set separately.
  • Selling period (Required): The period during which members can purchase membership products.
    • You can specify different sales/display periods so you can announce sales ahead of time and let customers know when they've ended
  • Usage period (Required)
    • In addition to indicating the period that a membership can be sold, the usage period specifies the time frame during which customers can utilize a membership they've purchased.
    • You can specify the period to be a year or a particular season.
    • Usage periods cannot be changed after purchase.


ⓓ Detailed description (required)

  • Your b.stage includes a membership screen to help customers compare different benefits.
  • If a membership's description is too long, it won't be displayed in its entirety. Therefore, we suggest that you include a hook (or key point) to grab people's attention in the opening line.
  • If multilingual settings are required, click the tab for each language and enter accordingly.
  • In addition to text, you can insert image or media URLs.


ⓔ Categories

  • Organize categories to browse products conveniently.
  • You need to set a category to display products in the SHOP Home.
  • Click [Choose Category] and select a category to connect from the list.
    • You can check the Shop Home visibility status of each category through the eye icon on the right.
    • Click [Category settings (new window)] to direct to MY B.STAGE > Shop Home in a new window. After completing the settings, you must click on [Refresh] to reflect the modifications. (e.g. category visibility order, etc.)


ⓕ Custom Fields

  • Collect additional customer information on the order form. Customize based on what you're selling. (E.g., initials for membership kits, etc.)
    • Enter custom fields and placeholder note for customers (no emojis allowed).
    • Collecting personal info in Custom field is prohibited. Risk of sanction for registration disclosure. Be cautious as you're responsible for the content.
  • This section can be modified or updated as needed during the operational phase, after creating the membership.
  • Custom field items: Please enter the title of the additional information you wish to request or collect from customers. (e.g., Engraving text for membership kit).
  • Placeholder Note: Please enter the guide answer that will be displayed to customers.
    • If multilingual settings are required, please enter them in each language field. If not entered, it will be displayed in the default language.
  • Emojis or "/" cannot be entered.
  • Up to 5 additional information settings are possible.
  • You can set whether the response to the additional information is required, along with the visibility.


ⓖ Payment Information

  • Set the usage period and payment method for the membership product.
  • Payment Type (required): You can set payment types for each device (payment types: WEB, iOS, Android), 0-cost products and Token/NFT verification.
  • Payment Method (required): Select the payment method you’d like to offer: One-time payment or Recurring payment.
    • Recurring payment extends membership automatically as payment occurs at the end of the membership term.
  • Usage Period (required): Membership permissions are retained for the usage period you set from the payment date.
    • Membership permissions are retained for the duration you set from the payment date. The membership is available for selection among 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
    • Asides from the sales available period, usage period determines ‘how long your membership is valid’ after purchase. Usage period cannot be modified after purchase.


ⓗ Options/Benefits

  • We've prepared a sample to assist you. Please take your time and modify it to meet your individual needs.
  • You can create a single membership tier or offer several levels at different prices.
  • If you add a digital wallet under Settings > Sign-up Items > Easy Login, you'll be able to use tokens or NFTs for membership verification
  • You cannot make changes after choosing a standard payment ↔ token or NFT verification method, so please choose carefully.
    • Token/NFT Settings (Required)
      • Customers will be shown "Token/NFT Verification Membership", and token/NFT verification membership is unavailable to set up for Products > Purchase Restrictions.
      • Select the Verification method and network (Ethereum, Klaytn or Polygon)
      • Please enter the Contract Address. If it is not valid, an error message is displayed and saving is not possible.
      • Please note that when the minimum quantity of existing memberships is increased, existing membership members may lose their privileges and become the subject of a claim.
      • Since token/NFT verification does not invovle actual payment, points accumulation is not possible.


ⓘ Identification Information

  • Set membership member identification information. Once the initial order is placed, you cannot modify the use of identification information. Additionally, even if you don't use the settings feature, a digital membership card with a default design will be issued to you.


  • Membership number (required)
    • The membership number is generated as a random combination of numbers and uppercase English letters (excluding I, L, O, 1).
    • The membership number length cannot be changed once the initial order has been placed.
    • Please choose between 6 and 12 digits.


  • Membership collection information
    • The provided information is mandatory, and all members must complete it during sign-up.
    • When first registering personal information, users will be prompted to agree to the collection details, purpose, and storage duration. We suggest updating the privacy policy to include these collection items/methods.
    • After placing the first order, you can add collection information items, but they cannot be deleted.


    • The collection information you set will also be displayed on the back of the digital membership card.


  • Digital membership card
    • Accessible as an image in the member's My > My Membership page. Design editing options may be limited based on contractual terms. For more details, please contact Customer Service.
    • Design Settings
      • Card background settings (required): You can select background among provided ones, a solid color or upload image. When uploading images, please upload large images (494x780px or larger) to support high definition displays.
      • Logo: For better quality on high-definition screens, upload larger images (at least twice the reference size seen in the preview) and they'll be resized accordingly.
        • You can adjust the size(Zoom in/out) and position(Alignment). 
      • Membership Information: You can set the option name display, text color, and alignment.
      • Holographic effect: You can toggle the holographic effect ON or OFF.


ⓙ Write each item

  • Membership name (required)
    • Choose name for your membership level that is relevant to your members and is as brief as possible. Some creators these membership tiers to establish nicknames for members.


  • Final Selling Price
    • Prices of membership levels should reflect the amount of the time and energy required to deliver their benefits. If you introduce two or more levels, please ensure that their benefits differ in logical ways.
    • Store prices and discounts are display only, but actual payments are processed in the store's registered currency. Ensure the sales price and Product ID entries match the store to avoid payment issues.


  • Level benefits
    • Customers who are considering memberships will carefully read descriptions for each level. Please ensure that each description includes the features and benefits that are unique to that level. Please be careful not to include benefits that will be difficult to deliver. If certain benefits are removed or modified, they may be subject to claims.
      • You can also enter benefits directly by choosing [Add Benefits] > [Directly enter benefits]. If you need multilingual settings, you can enter each language separately.
      • If you would like to edit the benefit name for selected ones, please click pencil icon that appears when you mouseover the benefit name.
      • You can change the order by clicking the [⁝⁝] icon to the left of the benefit name and dragging it up or down.


  • Add detailed level description
    • Please provide additional details for different levels if necessary. Customers can purchase memberships without reading detailed information, so please provide important details in their benefits or descriptions.


  • Change display settings/delete
    • You can choose whether or not to display specific membership levels on your b.stage. You cannot delete membership levels once a customer has purchased them. However, it is possible to hide them from view. Customers who purchased the membership before it was hidden will be unaffected.


ⓚ Additional Settings

  • Platform to display
    • Please select the device(s) to set the display option status. (At least one or more required).
    • The display status of the product cannot be set differently by device. (e.g., WEB = Display Now, AND = Private ❌)


  • Display options: You can choose when to publish the products you want to sell.
    • You can specify [Publish now] / [Set time to publish] / [Private] / [Set last date to display].
    • If the membership is set as [Private], it will not be displayed regardless of the [Sales status].
    • If you set last date to display, the membership would be unexposed on the designated date and time.
    • If a product's selling period begins after its display period, it will appear as "Selling Soon" until sales launch.


  • Sales status
    • Products will appear as "Selling" once the selling period begins, and will be displayed with the message "Sale over" when the selling period ends.
    • If a product's selling period begins after its display period, it will appear as "Selling Soon" until sales launch.


  • Notes
    • Purchase will be confirmed once the content has been viewed or if 7 days have passed since payment.
    • You cannot revoke your purchase after it has been confirmed.
    • Purchases made through the App Store can be canceled and refunded through the Apple Help Center.
    • Purchases made through the Google Play can be canceled and refunded through the Google Play Help Center.


  • Purchase Restrictions
    • Users who purchase this membership may not purchase it again during the membership period.
    • If you activate [Limit the number of members who can purchase this product], you can select the membership (Ex. Fans who have purchased a summer season membership are given the right to purchase a winter season membership.)
    • Customers with other membership levels will see the following message: "The selected content cannot be accessed with this option."
    • Customers may not be able to purchase products depending on the sales/display status. Please double-check before proceeding.


  • Grant Purchase permissions
    • Grant purchasing permissions to specific audiences only. Unauthorized audiences won’t see or buy the product.
    • Click [Select group] to select the group for purchasing permissions.


    • Click [Add] to upload an Excel file with email accounts of people you want to grant purchase permissions to. (duplicate accounts will be excluded.)
    • Enter group name.
    • You can register up to 10,000 email accounts in 1 file. To add more than 10,000 accounts, save initially and create a group page and upload another file. (Up to 100,000 uploads per group)
    • Different file formats won’t process correctly.


    • After adding the group:
      • You can delete the group itself.
      • You can modify the group name.
      • You can modify the members within the group (add/remove).
    • After verifying the list of target emails, please click [Save] in the upper right corner. When you save, the target list will be confirmed within the group.
    • Select up to 3 groups, then click [Save] in the upper right corner.


  • URL settings
    • A URL will be created after completing registration. An option to change URLs will be available soon


  • Points
    • Set the earnings rate for the points that are automatically issued when a purchase gets confirmed
      • Use basic earning rate: Points are accumulated at the earning rate you set when you first set points via SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Points.
      • Set earnings rate manually: You can directly enter the earnings rate, numbers between 0.1 - 99.9% up to the tenths place.
      • No earnings rate: Points will not be accumulated when purchasing the membership.


ⓛ Launch Membership

  • When all settings are completed, click [Launch Membership] on the upper right corner.


👉 Membership Management

  • Only the two most recently created memberships are displayed at the top of the membership page.
    • You can check the sales price and number of sales by membership level, Usage Period, Payment Method, Payment Type(WEB/iOS/AND) and display option/sales status.
  • If too many memberships are displayed at once, it can hinder the customer's choice, so it is recommended to keep the number of memberships displayed/sold to 3 or less. The way to differentiate benefits can be separated by 'level', so make full use of this function.
  • By clicking on [Sales details], you can view the Total sales (cumulative number of orders not including 2nd and more recurring payment) and the number of Active members (current members paying for the membership).

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Promote your membership

• After creating membership, it is highly recommended to promote by utilizing notices or promotions or by adding them as banners.

• Mouse over a specific membership in the membership list and click [Copy URL] to copy the URL of the service page for that membership. It is possible to induce sign-up by linking the URL to notices or banners.