Manage POP

POP is a communication service that allows Stars and fans to interact in a one-to-many fashion through real-time chat and live features. (This service is only provided to the PLUS plan.)

  • b.stage POP is a service that allows Stars to freely convey their space, time, and situations through live videos or text, interacting with fans in the way they desire.
  • To start the POP service, you first need to create a voucher to connect with. Please refer to the following article for creating a voucher.
  • After creating the vouchers, you need to set the desired Star accounts to be “Public” in the list under “Content > Manage POP > POP Settings" or "Features > Settings". You can display up to 20 Star accounts. Press the “Save” button in the top right corner to reflect the changes.
  • Once you have selected all the Stars you want to make public, please enable page via [MY B.STAGE > Manage Menu]. All customers will be able to access the POP menu on the main homepage, and if necessary, you can disable the page later on.


👉 Start POP (Star Accounts)

  • Web: After logging in with your Star account, click on the [+ Create > Start Live] button at the bottom center of the main homepage. Alternatively, you can click on the [+] button at the bottom of the POP service page to be redirected to the App installation page through QR Code scanning. Scan the QR Code on your mobile device to install the App.
  • APP: After logging in with your Star account, tap on the [+ Create > Start Live] button at the bottom right corner of the main homepage. Alternatively, you can tap on the [+] button at the bottom of the service page to navigate to the [Start Live] screen.
    • Please note that hosting multiple Live simultaneously is not possible.


  • Title: Please enter the title that will be displayed to the users. You can enter up to 200 characters.
  • Action mode
    • Chat: A mode where real-time communication is possible through text chat.
    • Video: A mode where communication is possible through live video.
  • Theme Setting (Chat ONLY)
    • You can choose the theme color for the chat window.
    • Settings can be changed even during the mode.
  • Number of participants visibility
    • You can choose to display or hide the number of participants in the Live to the viewers.
    • If hidden, only the Host Star can see the participant count.
  • Once all settings are complete, please tap on “Start” or “Camera Setting” to proceed.


👉 Features available while using POP


  • What is TALK? TALK is a feature that allows stars and fans to have private conversations in a messaging format and can be used alongside Live.
    • To configure the usage of TALK (POP + TALK) for each Star, click on [Settings] on the upper right corner of the [Content > Manage POP] page.
  • Upon entering the service's main page, select your account to enter an offline room.
  1. For Host Stars, you can transfer messages at any time. When the Host Star writes a message, a "thread" is created, and if there is no existing thread, users and Guest Stars cannot send messages.
  2. For users, message transmission is possible when they have an active subscription (eligible voucher), and they can send a maximum of 7 messages per thread. (You can hide your own messages, but sent message counts cannot be restored.)
  3. For Guest Stars, message transmission is possible regardless of subscription status, and there are no restrictions on the number of messages they can send.
  4. Manager accounts can monitor, but cannot send messages.
  5. You can set specific wallpaper in the offline room where you can check POP history and TALK.
  • If a wallpaper is changed or deleted on the Admin page, the wallpaper in the user's offline room will also be changed or deleted when the user re-enters the room.


✔️ TALK Fan-name settings

  • When a Star mentions @fan-name in an offline room, the fan is addressed by their chosen Fan-name. (Guest Stars cannot set Fan-name.) Even if a fan has set a Fan-name, it appears as the nickname to the Star and Manager.
  • On the Admin page, users can be identified in the format of nickname + Fan-name.
  • User View

    • Clicking on the Star's nickname in the offline room allows you to set a Fan-name. If you turn off fan-name, your profile nickname will be applied.

      Fan-name settings: You can set a fan-name of up to 20 characters to use instead of the nickname in 1:1 TALK.


✔️ TALK Wallpaper Settings

  • You can upload up to 10 images. The recommended size is 1500*2000 px (1:2 ratio), and the maximum supported file size is 10MB for JPG and PNG formats.
  • User View

    • Clicking on the Star's nickname in the offline room allows you to set a wallpaper.
      • Color wallpaper: You can choose from a selection of default color themes.\
      • Photo wallpaper: If there are no images registered on the Admin page, you will be redirected to the device's photo album right away. After choosing the desired wallpaper image, you can crop it in the editing screen and then confirm and apply it in the preview screen. For images, you can set text inversion in the preview screen. When ON, the text is black; when OFF (default), the text is white.
      • Same wallpaper as Star: Sets the same wallpaper as the one chosen by the Star.


  • In offline rooms where TALK is enabled, you can press the [+] button at the bottom left to start Chat/Video, share photos or videos, or record and send voice messages. (You cannot enter an offline room while hosting a Live.)
    • When you click on a video you want to share, a preview will play automatically. Press the [Send] button will immediately share the selected item, hence, please double-check if it's the right item you wish to send to your fans.
    • When you click [Voice], you can record for up to 5 minutes, and after completion, you can preview or delete the recording.
    • Video playback and download is permanently available if fans were granted permssion at any point.

TALK Tips.png

  • You can check Chat usage tips by clicking the [▼] button next to the Star's nickname.


✔️ Subscription Days

  • Subscription Days: If you have purchased a POP (acquired access rights), the subscription days are counted based on the local time zone of the device. For example, if you purchased the voucher on April 24 at 11:00:00 PM KST, it would be displayed as "2 days" on April 25 at 12:00:00 AM KST.
  • End of Subscription Days: The subscription days will end in the following situations:
    • If the rights are revoked.
    • If you change the Star you are subscribed to.
    • If the subscription period expires.
    • However, if you resubscribe to the same Star within 7 days of the previous subscription's end date, the subscription days will continue from the last subscription, including the period during which you were not subscribed. For example, if your rights expired on April 24 (DAY 33), and you re-acquired the subscription on April 30 (DAY 39), the interim days are still counted.


  • When you click on a bundle of messages from a user (From Fan: N Messages), you will be taken to the thread details view. The messages within that thread are refreshed at 5-second intervals.
  • Messages that have been hidden will not be counted.


  • Even if a Star or Manager account hides a user's message, the message will still be visible to the user themselves (the user can still choose to hide the message directly).
  • The unhide action for messages hidden by Host or Guest Stars and users can only be performed by the Admin accounts.


✔️ ASK

  • What is ASK? Fans participating in Chat/Video can send 'questions', and the Host Star can select and provide 'answers' to these questions.
    • You can set the usage of ASK for each Star by clicking on [Settings] on the upper right corner of [CONTENT > Manage POP].
    • Currently ongoing Chat/Video cannot be made private, and ASK setting changes will apply to Chat/Video conducted after the changes.


  • Additional Menu
    • By pressing the [+] button, you can share photos from your album (Chat ONLY) or receive a list of questions from fans to answer using ASK.


  1. When setting up ASK in advance, you can register images. If not registered, default images will be provided.
  2. Please enter your question, including emojis, with a maximum of 50 characters.
  3. Select the receiving time. You can choose from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes in 5-minute intervals. Receiving time is counted in real-time.
  4. Press [Get Started] to begin ASK. Participants in the ongoing Chat/Video will receive ASK notification pop-ups (No Push Notifications). Participants who enter after ASK has started will not receive separate notification.


  • You can check the list of received questions and write answers by clicking on the ASK icon. The total response count is updated every second, and if new answers are registered, the [Refresh] button will be displayed. You can filter by most recent or registered order.
  • After writing an answer, you can choose between [Response] (Share with response) and [Share without response].


✔️ Participation Features

  • Stars and Managers
    • All users’ chats (including Guest Stars and Managers): Long-press on a chat message to have the option to hide it (immediately hide from view).
    • General User Chat: You have the ability to individually hide chat messages or mute and ban individual users.
  • General Users
    • Hide: General users can hide their own chat messages (Unhide is not possible)
    • Mute and Ban: General users cannot mute or ban other users.

TIP. Hide/Mute/Ban are all based on the current ongoing Chat/Video. (For example, if a user is hidden/muted/banned in an ongoing Chat A, they can still participate without restrictions in a new Chat B in the future.)


✔️ Simultaneous Accessing Limit

  • Stars and Managers
    • Up to 4 devices to access simultaneously.
  • General Users
    • Only 1 device can access per POP.
    • Example: If you select two Stars, Star A and B, with one account, you can access from one device per Star (iPhone A can join Star A’s ongoing Chat, iPad B can join Star B’s ongoing Chat, Galaxy C cannot simultaneously join Star A’s Chat.)


✔️ Additional Menu & Switching Modes

  • Chat
    • Next to the title of the Chat, Stars have the option to hide their own chat area, set themes, switch to Video, and end the ongoing Live.
    • When you press [Switch to Video], you will be taken to [Camera Settings], where you can check camera settings before sharing your screen with participants. You can switch between front and rear cameras and apply various filters. Once you are ready, press [Switch to Video > Confirm].
  • Video
    • [Collapse/Expand Chat]: During a live session, participants can collapse or expand the Chat window. (This feature is only available to general users and is not provided to Host Stars.)
    • From the top right, [Switch Front/Rear Camera], [Mute Settings], [Turn off Camera] and [Filter Settings].
    • Next to the title of the Video, you can use the [▼] button to switch back to Chat or end the ongoing Live.


✔️ Checking out the highlights in data

  • After ending the Chat/Video session, you can review the following data:
    • End Time, Total Time in Progress, Participants at End and Max participants in Progress


👉 Manage POP

  • You can check the list of registered Stars from the [Content > Manage POP].
    • You can view the Live in the [In Progress], [Ended] tabs based on their respective statuses.
  • By clicking the [View more > Monthly Live stat] button, you can view your Live time statistics on a monthly basis. Exceeding contracted hours may result in additional charges.
  • You can use the [Star Nickname] field in the right-hand search to set filter conditions.


✔️ [User View] POP accessing page

User View [POP].png

             ▲ Main Homepage                        ▲ After Subscription                         ▲ Before Subscription

  • When you click on the “POP” icon in the bottom of the main homepage, you will be redirected to the page where you can participate in Chat/Video. (Note that the icon will only be visible if the POP is set to “Visible” from [CONTENT > Manage POP].
    • After POP is set to “Public”, a “POP Service Tooltip” will be provided below the icon for a duration of 30 days.
      • The tooltip will be displayed once per user browser and will disappear when the user performs a specific action such as clicking, scrolling, or navigating to another page.
  • At the top, you can check the status of your subscriptions to N Stars. In the middle, you can see all the ongoing Live for all Stars, and at the bottom, you'll find the history room for Stars you have subscribed to in the past or are currently subscribed to. At the very bottom, you will see a list of Stars who are not currently subscribed (Subscribe Now).


✔️ [Star View] POP accessing page

Star View [POP].png

  • At the top, you can see all the ongoing Live for all Stars, and at the bottom, you'll find your own offline room with a [Me] icon. At the very bottom, you can see the last activity list for all other Stars except yourself.


✔️ POP History

  • In the "CONTENT > Manage POP" section, when you click on the POP history of individual Stars, you can review chat records, replay videos of live sessions, and the history of N ASK sessions (including titles, pre-set images, end times, total ASK count, and the number of responses from the Star). For ongoing Live, real-time monitoring is available.
  • For real-time ongoing ASK sessions, you can see the Star's icon, Nickname, ASK creation time, receiving time (Real-time counting), pre-set image and title, total number of ASK received, ASK participant nicknames, contents, and Star's responses.
    • During real-time monitoring, you have the ability to hide messages, mute and ban specific participants. You can also view the list of members who have been muted or banned.
    • [Banned Term Settings]: Prohibited words listed under [Settings] > [Banned Terms] are automatically applied.
    • [End]: Clicking the "End" button will forcibly end the ongoing Live. Please double-check that the Host and participants have been notified. Once a Live has ended, it can't be resumed. You'll need to create a new Live if you want to continue.


  • When a general user accesses an offline room, they can only view the chat records, replay videos, and ASK history of Host Stars and Guest Stars created within the validity period of their acquired permissions.
  • Even if the user changes the Star within the validty period of their acquired permissions, all Live histories (thoese with overlapping start and end times) within that period will be accessible.
  • For Video, the replay will be available for 48 hours from the time of the session's end. (the availability of archived replays can be configured, with the requirement to specify the reasons.) Admin accounts have the ability to access replays and downloads for 30 days.


  • Chat/Video: You can find information on the right side such as the Total Running Time, Created/End date, the number of Participants at the end, Max participants In Progress, Total Participation, Action Mode, and the Host Star.
  • ASK: You can see the icon and nickname of the Host Star who conducted the ASK, ASK Created/End time, pre-set image and title, and the total number of ASKs received. In the center, you can find detailed information about the Host Star's responses, and on the right, you can see the ASK Created/End date, Submission Time, and the Host Star.


✔️1:1 TALK Details

  • By clicking on the 1:1 TALK details of individual Stars in "CONTENT > Manage POP," you can access the detailed information for all 1:1 TALKs, including Star messages and bundles of user messages. You can also view past POPs by clicking [Move to POP] on the right in a new window.
  • You can permanently access the videos and voice messages sent by the Star via admin page. When you click on a video, you can press the [Download] button at the top right to download the video.
  • By clicking [View Replies], you can see user messages, and on the right, you can check the number of users who have written in the currently selected thread and the participant list (nicknames + email address).
  • To hide messages, you can click on the [⁝] icon that appears when hovering over the Host/Guest Stars or general user messages.