Members Accounts

You can check your members list and manage the member information in detail. Plus, you can also authorize members to upload Star Posts!


πŸ‘‰ Member Management List

  • Members are categorized into [All], [Members], [Stars], [Managers] and [New] tabs. Click on each tab to quickly see information on the corresponding members. If you click on the [New] tab, you can see a list of members who joined within the last 7 days.
  • To search for Nickname / Email address of the members, please click the filter on the right.
  • You can also check the account status in the first column of the list, "Account status".
    • "Active" accounts refer to members who are in your service without any restrictions.
    • "Blocked" accounts refer to members who are temporarily suspended from logging into the service for their violation of the community policy.
    • "Inactive" accounts refer to members who have not signed in for a year and more. Their information are stored separately, and they must follow several steps to remove their inactive status.


Dormant members

  1. Dormant membership means an account that has been kept separately because there has been no activity in the service for a year (Login, password change and recurring payments).
  2. Dormant members will be automatically sent a Notification email prior to inactivity.
  3. The list can be viewed without an admin authority, however, only the Head Admin account holder and the account holders with the dormant member lookup rights can view the details of dormant members.
  4. Information that has been dormant and stored separately will be shredded after 3 years.
  5. Dormant accounts can be released by logging in or changing the password. Please note that the Head Admin account will not become dormant.


How dormant membership is displayed
  1. Dormant accounts of the Operator/Admin

    β€’ General account: Displayed by name [e.g., Hong Gil-dong]
    β€’ Dormant account: Displayed by email [e.g., Dormant (]
  2. Dormant accounts of fans

    β€’ For Head Admin account and the account with the dormant member lookup rights: Displayed by email.
    ΰ§Ή e.g., [Dormant]

    β€’ For the Operator and Admin accounts: Displayed as follows.
    ΰ§Ή e.g., Dormant(61ef9437d6e3c53f29dfa)


Releasing of the dormancy
  1. Dormant accounts can be released by logging in or changing the password.
  2. The blocked state remains even though the dormancy has been released.
  3. The profile image of the dormant account is changed back into the default image.


πŸ‘‰ Downloading Excel File

  • You can download your member's information by clicking [Download Excel file] in the upper right corner.
  • Please select the member tab that you want to download Excel from among All, Member, Star, Manager, and New.
  • Click [Download Excel file] to make a download request for data from the selected tab. Please check the following precautions.
    • Excel password protection can help you keep your personal information more secure. The password you enter will be required when you run the Excel file. The password has no length and character restrictions.
    • File creation can take up to 10 minutes. Files that have been created can be downloaded from the [My Request Work] page.
    • Once a download has been created, it will be available for up to 4 hours. (If time is exceeded, you can request to download the file again.)
    • In the event that users' personal information is leaked, you may be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws. Please carefully manage and dispose of the Excel file after use.
  • When you click [Request Download], the [Processed download request!] message pops up in the lower left corner.
  • Data is generated based on the time of Excel download, and is displayed in the language that is saved as an admin language of the logn account.
  • Please note that the cell would be market with a blank if there is no corresponding item.


πŸ‘‰ Digital Product Payment

  • Search for the member you wish to give the digital ticket to by Nickname or Email and click the [⁝] icon on the right.
  • Click [Digital Product Payment] and select the ticket from the list.
  • Tickets are the only digital products that can be gifted at the moment.
  • You won't receive an email when ticket payments have been made because you will not collect order information.
  • After selecting the detailed options of the ticket you want to present, click the [Apply] button.
  • Please select one of the following options: [Deducting gifted tickets from total quantity] or [Payments without quantity deductions]. Currently only the latter option is available.
    • Order is not generated.
    • Enables payments regardless of ticket quantity available. (Payments are possible even if there is no quantity available for sale.)
    • Customers can view tickets they've received under [My Vouchers].
  • You may add a comment. Comments are only for internal management and are not visible to customers.
  • Once completed, please click [Gift Ticket(s)].

πŸ‘‰ Separation of privileges according to roles

  • Membership rights are divided into [Member], [Star], and [Manager].
  • [Star] and [Manager] can view paid content and membership-only content without having to purchase a membership or voucher.
  • Content can be viewed before or after the period of use of paid content.
  • [Become a member], [Purchase voucher] button will no longer be displayed to accounts that have purchased membership or specific voucher.

Different roles are given different permissions

  • Members: Add/edit/delete comments and replies, add reactions and report other member's comments and replies
  • Star: Add Star Stories, View members and paid content
  • Manager: Pin comments to top, Blind/Hide inappropriate comments, View members and paid content

πŸ‘‰ Check member details

  • Click the email of the member whose details you wish to check from the member management list, and you will be taken to the member detail page.
  • You can check the member's basic information such as name, phone number, date of birth and gender as well as stage use information (Easy login, Language, Marketing consent and Sign-up date).
  • For basic information, only the information set via SETTINGS > Sign-up Items > Collected Information is displayed. For more details, please check here.
  • In the member overview on the left, you can check your current member's status, role, nickname, email address, available points and order details.
  • You can leave an internal note about the member by clicking [Please enter any information that other admins should check] in the upper right corner. Notes can be used to rapidly scan through important notifications.
  • If you click [Digital products], , [Memberships], [Physical product], or [Onsite Pickup] in the [Order details], you will be directed to each order history (new window).
  • You can check your order history only when you have opened a SHOP.
  • For dormant members, [Issued/Withdrawn], [Change role] and [Block account] buttons are inactive.


βœ”οΈ Block member accounts

  • On the member details page, you can block the account of an existing member.
  • The blocked account's user information will be stored and the owner will no longer be able to log in.
  • Click the [View more] button in the upper right corner, and select [Block Account].
  • After checking the required consent item in the pop-up window, click [Block].
  • The account status in the member management list changes from [Active] to [Blocked]. You can also reactivate a blocked member using the same procedure.

βœ”οΈ Member account withdrawal

  • If a member requests withdrawal, the account can be withdrawn from the member details screen.
  • Please note that If you delete your account, you won't be able to recover it.
  • Click the [View more] button at the top right, and select [Delete account].
  • After checking the required consent item in the pop-up window, click [Delete].

πŸ‘‰ Grant Star/Manager roles

  • In the member management list, click the member you want to grant the role of "Star" or "Manager" to go to the details.
  • Click [Member β–Ό] on the left of the profile image or [Change role] on the top right.
  • Select [Star] or [Manager] among the roles, and click [Change].
  • If the "Star" or "Manager" role is properly granted, the displayed role in the list will change from "Member" to the selected one.

What is the limit on number of star roles?

Depending on the plan you use, the number of members you can grant Star Accounts to is limited.

b.stage Essential: Only 1 is provided.
b.stage Standard: Up to 3 are provided by default, and up to 10 people supported. (Each additional account requries an additional usage fee.)

If you need more than 3 star accounts, please request a plan change through the Customer Service!

  • Stars and Managers can view their own posts, comments, and replies from the Community, they have made on Star Stories and Content, by logging into b.stage and navigating to [MY > My Posts & Activity].
    • For posts, comments, or replies that are hidden or blinded, a "Hidden" or "Blind" badge will be added to indicate their status.
    • Manager accounts have access to all hidden or blind posts, comments, and replies. Star accounts, on the other hand, cannot access hidden posts, comments, or replies.


πŸ‘‰ 1:1 Inquiry Records

  • At the bottom of the member details screen, you can check the details of 1:1 inquiries left by the member.
  • If you want to see detailed inquiries, click on the inquiry to move to the details in a new window.
  • You can also manage 1:1 inquiries in member details.

βœ”οΈ Points Issued/Withdrawn

  • To issue or withdraw points to a member, click [Points Issued/Withdrawn] on the top right or [Issued/Withdrawn] from Available points on the left.
  • Points can only be used if you set the "Points" when opening a shop.
  • Points can be paid out when [+Issue] is activated, and points can be retrieved when [-Withdraw] is activated.
  • Enter the points to be issued/withdrawn to the member in [Points to be issued (required)] or [Points to withdraw (required)].
  • The value of points in the base currency is 1P = 10KRW.
  • The default expiration date is set as the year you have selected when opening a shop, however, it can be selected up to 10 years.
  • Fill in the [Reason for issuance/withdrawl] that will be shown to the member.


βœ”οΈ Disposal of storage information

  • Account that has been inactive and stored separately will be discarded after 3 years.


πŸ‘‰ Point History

  • Please click on [Points History] tab, which is located to the right of [1:1 Inquiry Records] tab.
  • You can review the [Point processing activity], [Date issued], [Vaild until], [Person in charge] and [Comments].
    • If a part of points processing activity and comments are cut off from view, hover the mouse cursor to view the full entry.
  • Points given as rewards are displayed in the following format.
    • Rewards Program - Earn Points +nn (amount)
  • You can perform quick search through the [Issue/Withdrawn] and [Person in charge] filters on the upper right-hand side corner.

πŸ‘‰ Access Summary

  • At the bottom of the member details screen, you can check all the products the member has acquired.
  • If you want to see the details of each acquired product, click the product to pop up a detailed information window. (Processing access is also possible in the corresponding window.)
  • Here's what you'll find on this window:
    • Product Acquired (e.g., Fixed-Period Ticket)
    • Product Option (e.g. 2023.01.15 / 20:00 / Adult)
    • Access status: Unused / In use / Expired
      • Unused: After acquiring the permission, you have not yet used the service that the permission is connected to.
      • In use: After acquiring the permission, the status is in use of the service that the permission is connected to.
      • Expired: The status of usage expiration includes the following - cancellation by customer / cancellation by admin / usage period expiration / re-authentication failure / Process Access
    • Access method: How customers purchased your digital products: Payment / Token or NFT certification / Direct payment (if paid directly to an admin)
    • Date and Time Acquired and Permission ID: Date of initial acquisition and identification key of product options
    • History: The change history of permission


πŸ‘‰ Reward Details

  • At the bottom of the member details screen, you can check all the rewards given to the member.
  • You can check the [Title] of the reward program and the [Date & Time Issued]. When you click the reward program, you can check the names and quantity of all reward items that have been issued.
  • Withdrawing Reward: Once withdrawn, you won't be able to retrieve them, so please decide carefully. Digital rewards cannot be reissued within the same rewards program, and point rewards cannot be withdrawn.