View and manage frequently asked questions. Creating effective FAQs can reduce the number of 1:1 inquiries you receive.

πŸ‘‰ Adding FAQ

  • You can register an FAQ by clicking [Add] on the top right corner of the FAQ or in the center of the page.
  • Please enter the title and contents of the FAQ.
    • If you have selected more than one service language, please fill in all fields in that language. If not entered, it will be displayed in the default language.
    • In addition to text, you may insert image, media or links.
  • If you select [Category (required)], the specific FAQ will be classified and displayed in that category.
  • You can add and manage categories in CUSTOMERS > Customer Service > Customer Service Categories.
  • You can set the display condition at the bottom. Only documents set to display or those labeled "Key FAQ" can be displayed.

πŸ‘‰ FAQ Examples

  • The below is examples of frequently asked questions about b.stage's standard policies.
  • Please use the items according to your needs.
  • Q: I want to change my password.
    A: You can change your password at [MY > Account Information > Change Password]. Please enter a password of at least 8 characters of a combination of English, numbers and special characters.

    Q: I want to change my nickname and profile photo.
    A: You can change it in [MY] by clicking the top profile area or [MY > Account Information > Edit Profile]. Your nickname and profile photo will be visible to other users.

    Q: I want to delete account.
    A: We are so sorry to hear that you decided to delete your account. You can leave feedback on questions or inconveniences though [MY > Customer Center > FAQ]. If you wish to withdraw, you can withdraw from [MY > Account Information > Delete Account].

    Q: I want to change the site language.
    A: If you select the desired language among Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, or Spanish through [MY > Language], the service language will be changed to the selected language.

  • Q: I want to contact customer service.
    A: You can check all your questions on [MY > Customer Center > FAQ]. Additional inquiries can be left through [1:1 Inquiry] at the bottom of the FAQ document.

    Q: Where can I find out what I have inquired about?
    A: From [MY > Customer Center > My Inquiries], you can check the progress and answers to your previous inquiries.

  • Q: I want to be notified when a Star creates a new post.
    A: You can get notified when a Star creates a new post or when a Star replies. You can set the notifications you want to receive in [MY > Notifications]. A star's replies are notified only to the user who posted the reply, so if you want to see all the stars' comments, please visit the Star's home page often.

    Q: I am not receiving notification emails.
    A: You can set the notifications you want to receive in [MY > Notifications]. If you do not receive an email even after completing the notification application, it is likely that it was sent to your spam mailbox. Please check your spam folder.

    Q: I want to stop receiving notification emails.
    A: If you disable the notifications you want to stop receiving in [MY > Notification Settings], notification mails will no longer be sent.

  • Q: How much is 1 point (change it to the point unit name you are using)?
    A: If base currency = KRW, please use the sentence below. The value of the point (please change it to the points name you are using) and the base currency is 1P (please change it to the points unit you are using) = 10 KRW, and you can use it in units of 1P (please change it to the points unit you are using).

    If base currency = USD, please use the sentence below. The value of the point (please change it to the point name you are using) and the base currecny is 1P (please change it to the points unit) = 0.01 USD, and you can use it in units of 1P (please change it to the points unit). You can check your current points in [MY].

    Q: I am curious about possible payment methods.
    A: For vouchers and sponsorships, we provide credit cards and simple payments (Kakao Pay/Naver Pay/Toss/Payco). Subscription-type vouchers and sponsorship can be paid by credit and check card.

    Q: I cannot pay with points.
    A: Points can be used on most products. However, points cannot be used when ordering recurring payment products.

    Q: Can non-members order?
    A: Orders can only be placed by members who have registered. After registering as a member, please proceed with your order.

    Q: I want to check the next subscription date.
    A: You can check the next payment date from [MY > Order History]. After checking the recurring payment product, please check the next payment date at the bottom.

    Q: I want to check the expiration date of my subscription.
    A: You can check the expiration date of the vouchers you ordered from [MY > My Vouchers/Tickets] or [MY > Order History].

  • Q: I want to cancel my subscription.
    A: You can cancel recurring payment / recurring sponsorship(s) from [MY > Order History]. Click [Cancel subscription] for the product you want to cancel.

    Q: I purchased a voucher, but I wish to cancel it.
    A: If the order status is [Order Complete], you can cancel the order directly from [MY > Order History]. If you have viewed any paid-contents or if 7 days have passed since the order was completed, the order status will change to [Purchase Confirmed], and you cannot cancel the order in [MY > Order History]. For cancellation inquiries, please contact [MY > Customer Service].

  • Q: I can't see my comments.
    A: Comments you wrote may be temporarily unexposed due to reports from other users. For the exact reason, please inquire through the customer service.

    Q: Can I collect and view only the posts of a certain Star?
    A: If you click on a specific Star's profile in the HOME feed, you can see only the posts of the Star you clicked on.

    Q: Can I share content?
    A: For content that can be shared, a link copy function is provided. In the mobile version, click the three-dot icon [⁝] at the top or bottom right to create [Copy Link].

    Q: I want to report an inappropriate comment.
    A: You can directly report comments that slander others, abusive language, or advertising comments. Click the dotted line [⁝] icon to the right of the related comment or reply and click [Report]. Comments will be blinded or hidden after confirmation by the manager.

    Q: Can I change the subtitle language?
    A: When watching video content, you can select a subtitle language after pressing the gear icon in the upper right corner. Please change the subtitle language you want.


πŸ‘‰ Editing and deleting FAQs

  • Click the FAQ you want to edit on the FAQ list.
  • After completing the modification, click [Apply] in the upper right corner.
  • In order to delete, click the [⁝] icon on the top right. Please note that you won't be able to restore it once it's been deleted.

πŸ‘‰ Key FAQ Settings

  • You can display up to 30 questions on the main screen of the Customer Service page, in any order you choose.
  • When the FAQ registration is complete, click [Key FAQ Settings] at the top of the FAQ list.
  • When the [Key FAQ Settings] window appears, select an FAQ to be displayed as a key FAQ among the FAQs in the list on the left.
  • If you mouse over an FAQ that needs to be changed in the selected list on the right, icons will appear to delete [πŸ—‘οΈ] or change the order [⁝⁝].
  • Please click [Apply] after the selection.

πŸ‘‰ List of FAQs

  • You can collectively change the status of previously registered FAQs to [Delete], [Display], or [Make private].
  • If you click the checkboxes on the left of the FAQs that need to be applied in bulk, the functions will automatically appear.
  • Click [Delete] to delete all selected FAQs. You won't be able to restore them once they've been deleted.
  • If you click [Display] or [Make private], all selected FAQs are changed to displayed or hidden respectively.