Rewards Program Management

Plan various missions, engage your fans, and reward them with valuable digital items.

Rewards Program Management

  • You can check all issued reward programs.
  • You can filter by specifying the progress status - [In progress]/[Scheduled]/[Completed].
  • In the list, you can check the title and status of each reward program, whether the recipient has been registered (Registration Status), and the last modified date with the admin who modified it.


Add Rewards Program

  • To add a reward program, click the [Add] button at the top right of CUSTOMERS > Rewards Program Management.


① Register for Rewards Program

  • Title: Enter the title of the rewards program. You can enter up to 150 characters.
    • You can also add multiple languages, and it will be shown only in default language if left blank.
  • Additional Details: Please enter any information you would like to convey to your fans about the rewards program. (e.g. subtitle) You can enter up to 200 characters.
  • Cover Image: Please upload a representative image that will show the nature of the event and will be shown to fans.
    • The recommended image size is 1280*1280px (1:1 ratio), and supports JPG and PNG file formats up to 10MB.
  • Schedule: Please enter a schedule that corresponds to the conditions for issuing rewards (e.g. application schedule, purchase schedule, etc.) based on the content of the program
    • You can also set it indefinitely by selecting [No end date specified]
    • This works based on the browser's time zone.
  • Notifications: Please select an option for sending notifications once rewards have been issued.
    • Do not send notifications to target customers when rewards have been issued: Because issuing rewards may be treated as transmitting advertising information for commercial purposes, we recommend that you provide a separate notice or post for guidance.
    • When rewards are issued, notifications are sent to all target customers: We recommend that you send notifications only when rewards have been issued for compensation purposes for a rewards program that the customer directly participated in. If that is not the purpose, it may violate laws that restrict the transmission of advertising information for commercial purposes. Please be careful. [Related Law: Article 50 of the Information and Communications Network Act]


② Program Settings


  • Choose the rewards you want to give your customers. You must add at least one reward to register a rewards program.


  • Digital Rewards: Set up a rewards group and add items
  • Reward Group Name: Enter the name of the group to which the reward item belongs.
    • Click the [Add Item] button to add an image to be provided as a reward.
    • The recommended size of the image (emblem) is 480*480px, and JPG and PNG file formats of up to 5MB are supported.


  • Item Information
    • Item Type: You can choose Image or Emblem.
    • Item name: When uploading an image, the file name is provided by default and can be modified by clicking on it. You can also add multiple languages, and it will be shown only in default language if left blank.
    • Image: It is classified into the [Original image] and [Thumbnail List].
      • Original image: Images support JPG and PNG file formats up to 5 MB. You can change the image by clicking the thumbnail on the left.
      • Thumbnail List: The thumbnail area is automatically set when uploading, and you can change the area by pressing the left thumbnail.
    • Downloads: Please select whether the image can be downloaded. (Enable / Disable)


  • You can adjust the order of [Group items] images by dragging the left [⁝⁝] icon. Alternatively, you can easily place [To top] / [To bottom] through the icons on the right.
  • You can delete an image by clicking the [x] icon.
  • Each reward group can be moved by dragging and dropping the [⁝⁝] icon on the left, and will be exposed in the order you set.


  • Rewards Points
    • Click the [Add] button and enter points and expiration date.
    • If a Shop is not opened on the b.stage, or if it is opened, but the points are set to unused, you cannot select a point reward.


  • When the setting is complete, click [Register Program] in the upper right corner.


③ Members Receiving Rewards

  • Register members who will be issued rewards. This cannot be modified after initial registration.
  • Upload a file containing the email accounts of members who will receive rewards through [Download Template] (Duplicate email accounts are excluded.)
  • You can register to issue rewards to up to 2000 accounts in one file. You must create and upload additional files if rewards are given to more members.

🔥 Conditions for not receiving reward items
• If the email format or member account is invalid
• If the accounts of members receiving rewards are dormant/deleted/blocked during processing


  • After uploading, please check the [Target member list].
    • Only confirmed members will be displayed. You can view when rewards have been issued in the Processing Status tab.
    • You can check each member's nickname, email address, and time uploaded.
    • Furthermore, you can check the box on the left or click [⁝] on the right to delete the member from the list.


  • After all checks are complete, click the [Gift Ticket(s)] button in the upper right corner to review the final information before distributing the reward.
  • Click the button below to immediately begin issuing rewards. For programs that have already started issuing rewards, only modified information will be updated


④ Processing status

  • You can check the reward processing status of members registered as targets and download the data in Excel.
  • You can check each member's nickname, email address, reward type, date issued, and status.
  • You can also check the name of the reward item and the points awarded by clicking on each member.
  • You can filter by searching for [email] and [nickname] on the right, or by specifying [Rewards Status].
    • In the case of [Failed to Issue] or [Error], it is possible to re-issue the reward.



• Digital rewards are not fully processed to actual customers if any types of rewards are in a partially failed status. Therefore, it will be exposed on the MY Rewards page only when re-issue is processed, hence, all rewards are successfully processed.
•However, point rewards cannot be reversed once processed, therefore, if the point reward is successfully processed and some of the other rewards fail, it will not be exposed on the MY Rewards page. (Available only through Members > Withdrwan Points).