Digital Products/Memberships

You can check the order history and details of digital and membership products.


👉 Digital Products/Memberships Order List

  • When orders for digital products, sponsorships and memberships occur, you can check them via ORDERS > Digital Products/Memberships.
  • Order no., Date created, Product name and options, Sales method, Order status, Payment status and Member's email address are shown on the page.
  • You can search by Order number or member's email address or filter by Order status (Order Complete / Purchase Confirmed / Expired / Canceled) and Payment status (No Payment / Payment completed / Refunded).
    • When you mouse over the note icon next to the order number, you can easily find the internal notes left by the [Admin].
    • If you click on the order you wish to check in detail, all the detailed information of the order could be found.


  • In order to move to the member's detailed information, you may click on the member's email address (New window).


  • Click [Download Excel file] at the top right to download detailed order history for all digital product/membership.
    • You can download Digital Products/Memberships data to an Excel file. (When searching with a filter, only the data in the search results will be requested for download.)
    • File creation can take up to 10 minutes. The completed file can be downloaded from the My Requests list.
    • Once a download has been created, it will be available for up to 4 hours. (If time is exceeded, you can request to download the file again.)
    • In the event that users' personal information is leaked, you may be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws. Please carefully manage and dispose of the Excel file after use.


✔️ Order Status

  • Order status can be divided into four categories: [Order Complete], [Purchase Confirmed], [Expired] and [Canceled].
    • Order Complete: The status where the payment has been completed and cancellation is allowed before the order is confirmed. The customer is able to cancel the order directly via MY > Order History.
    • Purchase Confirmed: If the contents have been used (viewed) or 7 days have elapsed since the order has been completed, the status is changed to Purchase Confirmed, and the customer is not able to cancel the order by themselves.
    • Expired: The status where the permission has been expired, based on the usage period.
    • Canceled: The status where the order has been canceled, either directly by the customer or by the [Admin].


✔️ Payment status

  • Payment status can be divided into three categories: [No Payment], [Payment completed], and [Refunded].
    • No Payment: This is an order that no payment has been made such as Token/NFT authentication.
    • Payment completed: The payment has been successfully completed, other than the recurring payment vouchers.
    • Refunded: This status includes all orders that have been canceled and refunded completely.
      • Recurring Payment Canceled: This is an order that the recurring payment subscription has been canceled (terminated).


✔️ Order details

  • Termination of subscription
    • If you click the [Cancel subscription] button on the top right for subscription vouchers and recurring sponsorships/memberships, the subscription will be canceled.
    • Please note that it cannot be restored after cancellation.
    • If you cancel the subscription, the payment status will change to [Refunded] (Recurring Payment Canceled).
    • When canceling, you may leave a comment that is only for administrative purposes and will not be shown to customers.


  • Cancellation of orders
    • Click [Cancel order] on the top right to cancel the order and process a refund.
      • Please verify the refund amount and continue. Once canceled, the order cannot be restored.
    • In the case of a recurring payment product, the last payment made will be refunded.
    • When canceling, you may leave a comment that is only for administrative purposes and will not be shown to customers.


  • Order Info
    • From Order Info section, you can check the order number, order status, details of ordered product, order date and time and usage permissions conditions.
    • Click on the product name in blue color will direct you to the product details page in a new window.
    • Click on [Member Details] will direct you to the member details page.
    • In the case of a subscription voucher, the usage period is shown. (On the other hand, it is not shown in the recurring sponsorship/membership).
    • If the product has been set up for point accumulation, you can check the points earned from the order.


  • Final Payment Info
    • You may check the detailed payment history by clicking [Payment History] button.
    • In the case of recurring payment products, you can check the number of payment that has been made so far and the next payment date.


  • Leave a Note and History
    • Please enter any information that other admins should check. (This will be displayed in the order list).
    • The detailed order history could be found from [History] / [Orders] / [Payments/Points] / [Shipping] / [Claim] / [Comments].


👉 Order Details of Tickets

  • You can check the order number and cancellation status.
  • Order Info
    • You can check the Ordered product name, price, Product Number, Product Type and Points earned upon purchase confirmation, Order date and time as well as Usage permissions conditions.
    • Click [View Access Method] to check the Usage Period, Current Status, Acquisition Method and Date and Time Acquired. You can also processing the access by clicking [Process Access] button.
      Moreover, you can also review the history of permission status changes on the History tab (right-hand side).


  • Access processing
    • This cannot be undone once processed, so please think carefully.
    • If you need a refund, please cancel through the order form.


  • Final Payment Info
    • Click [Payment History] in the Final Payment Info section to check the following: Payment method, One-time payment/Installments, Payment no., PG approval no., Price and Approval date and time.
    • You can leave a note any information that other admins should check.
    • You can check the member's information by clicking [Member Details] button.
    • You can review the detailed order history in each of the tabs to the right, [History], [Orders], [Payments/Points], [Shipping], [Claim], [Comments].


  • Please note that If the sales method is [Token/NFT authentication], Finaly Payment Info will not be displayed.