Digital Products/Memberships

You can check the order history and details of digital and membership products.


👉 Digital Products/Memberships Order List

  • When orders for digital products, sponsorships and memberships occur, you can check them via ORDERS > Digital Products/Memberships.
  • Order no., Date created, Product Type, name and options, Order status, Payment status and Payment Method, Member's email address are shown on the page.
  • You can choose the search criteria to set filter conditions for Digital Products/Memberships.
    • When you mouse over the note icon next to the order number, you can easily find the internal notes left by the [Admin].
    • If you click on the order you wish to check in detail, all the detailed information of the order could be found.


  • In order to move to the member's detailed information, you may click on the member's email address (New window).


  • Click [Download Excel file] at the top right to download detailed order history for all digital product/membership.
    • You can download Digital Products/Memberships data to an Excel file. (When searching with a filter, only the data in the search results will be requested for download.)
    • Excel password protection can help you keep your personal information more secure. The password you enter will be required when you run the Excel file. The password has no length and character restrictions.
    • File creation can take up to 10 minutes. The completed file can be downloaded from the My Requests list.
    • Once a download has been created, it will be available for up to 4 hours. (If time is exceeded, you can request to download the file again.)
    • In the event that users' personal information is leaked, you may be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws. Please carefully manage and dispose of the Excel file after use.


✔️ Order Status

  • Order status can be divided into four categories: [Order in process], [Order Complete], [Purchase Confirmed], [Expired] and [Canceled].
    • Order in process: After placing an order, it is in the deposit pending status. The customer is able to cancel the order directly via MY > Order History.
    • Order Complete: The status where the payment has been completed and cancellation is allowed before the order is confirmed. The customer is able to cancel the order directly via MY > Order History.
    • Purchase Confirmed: If the contents have been used (viewed) or 7 days have elapsed since the order has been completed, the status is changed to Purchase Confirmed, and the customer is not able to cancel the order by themselves.
    • Expired: The status where the permission has been expired, based on the usage period.
    • Canceled: The status where the order has been canceled, either directly by the customer or by the [Admin].


✔️ Payment status

  • Payment status can be divided into four categories: [No Payment], [Payment Pending], [Payment Deadline Expired], [Cancel before payment], [Payment completed], [Recurring Payment] and [Refunded].
    • Payment Pending/Payment Deadline Expired/Cancel before payment: Konbini (Japanese convenience store payment) transactions only, the status applies to each: Pending for deposit, Deposit expired, and Deposit cancellation.
    • No Payment: This is an order that no payment has been made such as Token/NFT authentication.
    • Payment completed: The payment has been successfully completed, other than the recurring payment vouchers.
    • Recurring Payment: These are orders for subscription products, and the orders are currently in active status. For subscription products, the number of subscription cycles(N-times) is displayed alongside.
    • Refunded: This status includes all orders that have been canceled and refunded completely.
      • Recurring Payment Canceled: This is an order that the recurring payment subscription has been canceled (terminated). The expiration date of that membership is displayed as well.


✔️ Order details

  • Termination of subscription
    • If you click the [Cancel subscription] button on the top right for subscription vouchers and recurring sponsorships/memberships, the subscription will be canceled.
    • Please note that it cannot be restored after cancellation.
    • If you cancel the subscription, the payment status will change to [Refunded] (Recurring Payment Canceled).
    • When canceling, you may leave a comment that is only for administrative purposes and will not be shown to customers.


  • Cancellation of orders
    • Click [Cancel order] on the top right to cancel the order and process a refund.
      • Please verify the refund amount and continue. Once canceled, the order cannot be restored.
    • In the case of a recurring payment product, the last payment made will be refunded.
    • For Konbini payments, only orders in the "Deposit Pending" and "Payment Completed" statuses are eligible for full cancellation (Partial cancellation is not possible). Additionally, a remittance fee may be charged for each cancellation request (If cancellation requested twice, remittance fee applied twice).
    • When canceling, you may leave a comment that is only for administrative purposes and will not be shown to customers.


  • Order Info
    • From Order Info section, you can check the order number, order status, details of ordered product, order date and time and usage permissions conditions.
    • Click on the product name in blue color will direct you to the product details page in a new window.
    • Click on [Member Details] will direct you to the member details page.
    • In the case of a subscription voucher(including membership) and Konbini payments(starting from the moment of payment completion), the usage period is shown. (On the other hand, it is not shown in the recurring sponsorship).
    • If the product has been set up for point accumulation, you can check the points earned from the order.
    • Custom Fields: Modify customer responses until order completion and purchase confirmation. Changing collected information arbitrarily may lead to customer claims.
      • For edits or additional info, please provide separate cancel and reorder notice or a note.
    • Usage permissions
      • You can check the following details: Permission ID, Product Acquired, Usage Period, Current Status, Acquisition Method, Date and Time Acquired, and Identification Information.
      • Identification Information will be displayed if you have set a membership number and collected at least one piece of membership information. (If no information is provided, "-" will be displayed.)


        Change: You can always modify the collected information. (Users cannot modify information after their initial input during the first purchase.)

        • On the right-hand history section, you can view information before and after any changes.


  • Final Payment Info
    • You may check the detailed payment history by clicking [Payment History] button. (Category - Payment Pending/Payment Complete/Cancel before payment), Reason for cancellation, Payment method, One-time payment / Installments, Transation ID, Payment no., PG approval no., Price and Approval date and time.)
    • In the case of recurring payment products, you can check the number of payment that has been made so far and the next payment date.


  • Leave a Note and History
    • Please enter any information that other admins should check. (This will be displayed in the order list).
    • The detailed order history could be found from [History] / [Orders] / [Payments/Points] / [Shipping] / [Claim] / [Comments].


👉 Order Details of Tickets

  • You can check the order number and cancellation status.
  • Order Info
    • You can check the Ordered product name, price, Product Number, Product Type and Points earned upon purchase confirmation, Order date and time as well as Usage permissions conditions.
    • Click [View Access Method] to check the Usage Period, Current Status, Acquisition Method and Date and Time Acquired. You can also processing the access by clicking [Process Access] button.
      Moreover, you can also review the history of permission status changes on the History tab (right-hand side).


  • Access processing
    • This cannot be undone once processed, so please think carefully.
    • If you need a refund, please cancel through the order form.


  • Final Payment Info
    • Click [Payment History] in the Final Payment Info section to check the following: Payment method, One-time payment/Installments, Payment no., PG approval no., Price and Approval date and time.
    • You can leave a note any information that other admins should check.
    • You can check the member's information by clicking [Member Details] button.
    • You can review the detailed order history in each of the tabs to the right, [History], [Orders], [Payments/Points], [Shipping], [Claim], [Comments].


  • Please note that If the sales method is [Token/NFT authentication], Finaly Payment Info will not be displayed.