New (To Ship) Orders

Manage new orders that have yet to be released. Once an order has been released, you can check its status in the "Shipping" menu. If a product is sold out, you can search for orders and cancel them.


👉 New (To Ship) Orders

  • You can manage orders marked as [Not Yet Released] after a customer purchases a product.
  • By clicking the [Domestic] and [International] tabs at the top right, you will be able to load the each corresponding orders based on the selected shipping country.
  • You can also check the corresponding orders to each status by clicking [Not Yet Released] and [Failed to Release].
    • Not Yet Released: Orders in the status of being ordered before being prepared for shipment.
    • Failed to Release: An attempt to prepare this order for release failed. Please double-check and try again.


  • You can search by [Order No.], [Product ID], or [SKU]. You can also specify an order creation date.
  • If you search by entering the [Customer Email], only the order of that specific customer will be searched.
  • Clicking the [Optional +] button will allow you to select a shipping option according to a specific shipping location/delivery policy.
  • If you click the [Order No.], you can check all details about [Ordered Product], [Payment Info], [Shipping] and [Claim]. Click on the [Ordering Member]'s email address will direct you to the member details page.
  • If you mouse over the speech bubble icon appears right next to the [Ordering Member]'s email address, you can check the [Shipping request] that has been written at checkout.

✔ Example of [Failed to Release]

  • If the order is not available for shipment (if the order has already been cancelled)
  • If the entered address is incorrect: Please contact the customer directly to confirm the correct recipient's address
  • If there is no delivery name in the registered product information
  • If the fulfillment creation fails during the preparation process of shipment: Please check the total quantity and inventory status for each option.


👉 Preparing to Release

  • Once you have prepared the product to release, the customer will receive an "Order Processing" message and will not be able to cancel their order directly.


✔ In the case of multiple release preparation processing,

  1. Select the checkbox on the left for orders that require preparation to release, or select all.
  2. When the [Preparing to Release] button is activated, click it.
  3. After checking the total quantity and inventory for each option, click [Prepare for release] on the top right of the pop-up window.
• Please note that you can go through each order one by one and process accordingly.
• Once the preparation for release has been taken care of, the delivery status of the logistics company would change to [Preparing product].


✔ In the case of single release preparation processing,

  1. Click [Preparing to Release] in order details page that appears when you click the [Order No.] in blue color.
  2. After checking the total quantity and inventory for each option, click [Prepare for release] on the top right of the pop-up window.