Sales History

You can view and download the data of [Sales History].

This menu is only exposed to b.stages that have completed Shop Settings.


  • [Sales History] can be searched based on [By trading date] or [By purchase confirmation date].
    • In case of [By trading date], only [Trading occurence date] can be selected.
  • Please select a range.
    • You can select [Type directly], [Current month], [Previous month] or [Month before].
    • You can choose up to 3 months.
  • After selecting a range, click the [Search] button.
  • Through the [Summary of search results], you can check the total product sales by product type/PG company/currency within the search period (product price X number of sales).
  • Total product sales doesn't include the amount of points redeemed per order.
  • The shipping fee is based on the selected shipping country.
    • Domestic: Shipping Country = Shipping Destination Country
    • International: Shipping Country ≠ Shipping Destination Country


  • You can download more detailed data through [Download Excel File].
    • When you download the excel, you'll get the full sales history within the time period you searched for, not just the summary of search results you see on screen.