Check orders' shipping status and manage releases. You must enter the shipment company's tracking number to start shipping and track shipments.


👉 Shipping Management

  • You can check the orders that have been prepared for shipment in the [Preparing to Release] tab.
  • By clicking the [Domestic] and [International] tabs at the top right, you will be able to load the each corresponding orders based on the selected shipping country.
  • You can also check the corresponding orders to each status by clicking [Preparing to Release], [In delivery], [Shipping failed] and [Delivered].
    • In delivery: Based on the delivery status of the Distribution Company, [Processed]/[Dispatched] and [Shipping] are included in this status.
    • Shipping failed: The status where the shipping could not be completed, thus, Distribution Company could proceed with either redelivery or cancelation.


  • You can search by [Shipment No.], [Order No.], [Invoice No.], or [Product ID]. You can also specify an [Order Date].
  • The order can be sorted by [Standard Order Shipment] or [Exchange Shipment] under the [General / Claim].
  • Clicking the [Optional +] button will allow you to select a shipping option according to a specific shipping location/delivery policy.
    • [Shipment No.]: This serial number will be sent to the shipping company when the shipment is released. There may be several tracking numbers for the same order.
    • If you mouse over the icon appears right next to the [Shipment No.], you can check the [Shipping request] that has been written at checkout.

👉 Register invoice

  • Choose shipping company and enter [Invoice No.]
    • Search the order you would like to register invoice and click the [Shipment No.] in green color.
    • After checking the [Shipping Address], [Warehouse] and [Shipping Policy/Option], you can choose shipping company and enter the invoice number.
    • Please click [Choose shipping company] to select a shipping company from the drop-down list.
    • Please enter the invoice number provided by the shipping company in the [Invoice No.] field. If you enter an invalid invoice number, the release process will fail.
    • Once you have done, please click on [Register invoice].


    • Please note that you cannot modify the shipping address after registering the invoice.
    • Bulk invoice registration is also possible by uploading an Excel file.
ⓐ Download the sample file and fill in all the columns.
ⓑ Unable to upload more than 1,000 rows. Split the file if necessary.
ⓒ Give the file whatever name you want.
ⓓ Unlock the file before uploading it.


  • Modifying the invoice
    • After registering the invoice, you can modify/delete the invoice info by clicking the pencil or wastebasket icon, respectively.
    • If you edit the shipping label, the shipping status will be updated based on the updated information being reset to the status before tracking was registered.
    • Modifying and deleting invoices is possible only when the shipping status of the shipping company is under [Preparing to Release], [Preparing to ship], [Released], or [In delivery].
    • Invoices cannot be modified or deleted once delivery has been completed.
    • You can copy the invoice number if necessary by clicking [Copy], and you can track down the shipping product by clicking [View Shipment Details].
    • You can also check the modification history by clicking the icon next to [View Shipment Details].