Onsite Pickup Orders

For Orders > Onsite Pickup Orders, you can search and filter all orders of Onsite Pickup items by period, payment or pickup status, event/round information, and search keywords(Order No., Product ID or Member Email).

👉 Onsite Pickup Orders

  • You can search for orders by Order No., Product ID, or Member Email. Additionally, you can choose to search based on criteria such as period, payment status, pickup status, and event/round information, as needed.
  • The orders are listed in descending order of the latest occurrence. In the order list, you can view order details such as Order No., Date & Time, Event / Round information, Product Info, Total Payment Amount, Payment Status, Pickup status, and Ordering Member. 
  • Click on the [Order No.] in blue color will direct you to the order details page in a new window.
  • Click on the [Ordering Member]'s email address will direct you to the member details page.


  • Click [Download Excel File] to download Order Management data to an excel file. (When searching with a filter, only the data in the search results will be requested for download.)
    • Excel password protection can help you keep your personal information more secure. The password you enter will be required when you run the Excel file. The password has no length and character restrictions.
    • File creation can take up to 10 minutes. The completed file can be downloaded from 'My Requests' list.
    • Once a download has been created, it will be available for up to 4 hours. (If time is exceeded, you can request to download the file again.)
    • In the event that users' personal information is leaked, you may be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws. Please carefully manage and dispose of the Excel file after use.


👉 Manage Site

ⓐ Clicking on the [Manage Site] button on the right will take you to the page where you can input additional information necessary for event and round operations. You can make changes in your profile after the initial entry. Please select the event and round you wish to operate.

ⓑ After completing the above step, the camera for reading QR Codes will be activated. If QR code unrecognized, manually enter the order number.

  • In the case of simultaneous reading, an alert will be provided. For example, if Onsite operator A is processing orders 1, 2, 3, and Admin B attempts to process orders 1, 2, 3, an alert will be generated.

ⓒ  For orders retrieved by QR Code or order number, you can collectively verify the quantity and additional information for each pickup item and obtain Customer signature.

  • Only products before pickup will be confirmed.
  • You can verify the most recent signature in the customer signature field. (To check signatures by product, go to the product section at the top.)
  • After signing, remind the customer of the cancellation policy and inform them that this signature applies all selected order.


👉 Order details

  • On the order details page, you can review the following information: Order Number, Order Creation Date, Ordered Product Information, Status shown to customer, Pickup status, Payment status, Final Payment Info, Leave a Note and History.
  • If a buyer disputes a transaction with the payment gateway (PG), you can respond by sharing details about the products or services you provided. The information below is essential for confirming the buyer’s receipt of the products.


✔️ Pickup Status Changes

1. Before pickup → Pickup Completed

  • After processing, it appears as "Order completed" for the customer. (Customers may still be able to cancel the order based on the cancellation restrictions settings.)

2. Pickup Completed → Before pickup

  • After canceling Pickup completed, it appears as Before pickup to customers, and they can cancel the order.(Customers may still be able to cancel the order based on the cancellation restrictions settings.)
  • You can also input an optional "Reason for Processing."

※ Even if the status is "Pickup Completed" and the non-cancellation time has passed, the admin accounts can still process cancellations.

※ In both "Before pickup" and "Pickup Completed" statuses, purchase confirmation processing is possible.


✔️ Verify signature

  • When the Pickup status is marked as "Pickup Completed", you can click on the [⁝] icon to the right of each product to verify the signature provided by customers during onsite product pickup. Signature image will be deleted 180 days after purchase confirmation.
  • The timestamp of when the signature was saved will also be displayed for your reference.


The detailed order history could be found from [History] / [Orders] / [Payments/Points] / [Claim] / [Comments].