[Eximbay] Are there any industries where payment company (PG) contracts are prohibited?

Yes, it is not possible to contract with a payment company (PG) for industries where credit cards are not accepted.
Although the reviwing standards are different for each credit card company, the following industries are generally prohibited.

  • Adult content and services
    • Adult pornography (Adult comics, etc.), Adult websites (Adult content), Adult entertainment recruitment, lottery number generation services, matchmaking (Relationship consultations) and in-person meeting services
  • Adult products
    • Excluding condoms, pheromone perfume, gels
      Adult lingerie, Alcoholic drinks excluding traditional liquor, Cigarettes, Electronic cigarettes including liquids and supplies
  • Gambling and fortune-telling services, etc.
    • Speculative games, game items, chats, auctions, bidding, horse racing, cycle racing, and other gambling-related services, talisman/divination/naming, horoscope, fortune-telling (KRW 500,000 won or more). Charging (more than KRW 100,000 won)
  • Hazardous items
    • Toy guns (Review can only be conducted if information that only KC-certified toys are being sold on the website), guns, swords, weapons excluding toys, industries that require trade restrictions according to social norms (drugs, etc.), military uniforms and military equipment (military supplies)
  • Financial products, gift certificates, etc.
    • Loan consultations, lottery tickets, prepaid cards (including USIM), Bitcoins, cryptocurrency related products, cyber money, gift certificates, point cards, phone cards (including USIM), discount cards, mobile phone subscription services, insurance with recurring payments, stock information provision, investment (funding), condominium memberships, coupons (social), funding, Herbalife, offering/donations/religious donations, multi-level marketing, membership fees, alumni fees, participation fees (KRW 500,000 or more)
  • Expensive goods
    • Jewelry, antiques, artworks (KRW 2 million won or more), pure gold/silver, gold bars, diamonds, watches (KRW 10 million won or more), and others (KRW 5 million won or more), second-hand cars, motorcycles
  • Others
    • Prescription glasses, contact lenses, rice grains (rice, etc.), items with a high potential for civil complaints, adoption and sale of living animals (KRW 10,000 won or more) and information provision, credit card terminals, internet shopping sales, e-passport procedures (ESTA), etc.