How to join Stripe - Overseas business operator: Business/Corporation/Non business(Individual)

Millions of companies of all sizes use Stripe online and in person to accept payments, send payouts, automate financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue. Use your Stripe Connect ID to link to b.stage.

Payment can be made after Stripe conducts a review, and payment will not be possible if the review criteria are not met.

Service Application Process


Basic Information, Legal / Terms of Service, Policy Settings in b.stage

Stripe Registration

(Stripe Internal Review and Card Company Review)

Submitting a review request to b.stage

Approval from b.stage




  • Fill out all information in [SETTINGS > Basic Information].
  • Carefully check and complete the contents of [SETTINGS > Terms and Conditions], including Sales Operation Policy.
  • Enter the business information in [SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer].
  • Among the Terms and Conditions of [SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer], "Terms and Conditions", "Privacy Policy" and "Youth Protection Policy" must be completed.



  • Please create an account via this link. You have to verify your email and activate the payments.
    After activating payments, Stripe will conduct an internal review, followed by Card Company Review(2-5 business days for Credit Card, 1-4 Weeks for JCB).



  • Go to [SETTINGS > Shop Settings] and click the [Set Up Shop] button.
  • SHOP Name
    • Please name your SHOP.
    • You'll need to name your SHOP before adjusting shopping settings.
    • Please click the "Edit" button to add additional languages.
  • Currency
    • Set the standard currency and supported currency. Once SHOP is created, currency cannot be changed or deleted.
    • If you change the currency before SHOP is created, the previous information (payment method/exchange rate/points) will be reset.
      • Standard Currency: Standard currency is the currency defines which prices are entered and exchange rates.
      • Supported Currency: Choose customer support currency. (Standard currency is mandatory.) The following currencies are available in the current b.stage, select the one you prefer: JPY, KRW, USD.
  • Set Payment Method
    • Select ‘Stripe’ as the PG company and fill out the required fields in both Digital and Physical sections.
    • Enter the [Payment method] (ex. Credit card) for one-time and recurring payments.
    • Please select only the currencies you have contracts for. Currencies cannot be changed once the SHOP is open.
    • Complete the login verification with your Stripe Connect ID
  • Set Exchange Rate
    • We currently support only manual exchange rates. Please enter the rates manually.
    • You can reduce the difference in exchange rates by setting rates manually or giving each product a fixed price.
  • Set Points
    • Please think carefully about whether you would like your SHOP to use points or not. Settings cannot be changed after your SHOP has opened.
  • Consent Items
    • Please review the items that require member's consent upon payment. (Information on collecting and using personal information & Terms and conditions of payment service)
  • Request a Review
    • When all settings are complete, click [Request a Review].
    • Once your SHOP is open, you will no longer be able to adjust certain settings, so please check everything carefully and request a review. b.stage admins are available to help with any issues you may have with your shopping settings.



  • b.stage will conduct an internal review. This might take up to 5 business days.
  • When b.stage finishes the review, the approval details will be sent to the email address of the admin account who requested it.



  • Go to [SETTINGS > Shopt Settings] and follow the steps below:
    • Change the SHOP to "Public".
    • Read the "Terms and conditions of payment service" and edit it according to your operational policy.
  • After registering the Stripe Connect ID, you will be allowed to change the ID. However, please be careful to revoke or delete the permissions of the previously registered account. Failure to do so may result in difficulties in retrieving or canceling previous transactions, which could harm to the paying customer.


Best practices for preventing fraud

  • Learn how to use best practices to protect against disputes and fraudulent payments by referring to this link.


Industries Not Eligible for Stripe

  • For a list of industries that are not eligible for onboarding or have restricted entry, please refer to the following link.


Stripe Customer Service