How to join Toss Payments - Business/Corporation

If you meet the criteria for evaluation, you can directly apply for ‘electronic payment’ to Toss Payments. Domestic and overseas credit cards are accepted. The card evaluation process may take an average of 7 business days.

Payment methods offered

  • Domestic credit cards: Hyundai Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan Card, Nonghyup Card, BC Card, Hana Card, Lotte Card, KB Card
  • Overseas credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay, American Express


Application Method

  • Services are provided to businesses and corporations only.
Time required Toss Payments entry evaluation takes 1-2 days, card company review takes 7-10 business days
How does it work Card company review is conducted first, followed by actual product sales
Benefits Known as a widely used domestic (KR) payment method, additional payment methods for overseas users are planned to be introduced later


Service Application Process

Basic Information, Legal / Terms of Service, Policy Settings in b.stage Toss Payments Electronic Payment Application Submitting a review request to b.stage using the provided MID, Client Key, and Secret Key Approval from b.stage

Card Company Review Preparation (In total 3 products - 2 Digital and 1 Physical product)

Card Company Review Request and Approval Complete



  • Fill out all information in [SETTINGS > Basic Information].
  • Carefully check and complete the contents of [SETTINGS > Terms and Conditions], including Sales Operation Policy.
  • Enter the business information in [SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer].
    • For a PG contract, submitting a telemarketing sales report is required.
    • You can register landline numbers (070, 0505, nationwide representative numbers), toll-free numbers (080), and mobile phone numbers.
  • Among the Terms and Conditions of [SETTINGS > Design Settings > Footer], “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy” and “Youth Protection Policy” must be completed.



  • Click the Toss Payments link from [SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Create contract with Toss Payments] and complete the application form.
  • When you input the applicant’s email and mobile number, a notification message will be sent via Kakaotalk.
  • During electronic contract signing, attach required documents (business registration certificate, corporate registration, shareholder list, bank account details, seal certificate).
  • For monthly settlement limits under 10 million KRW, Toss Payments implements an unsecured policy without guarantee insurance.
    • For monthly settlement limits exceeding 10 million KRW, collateral insurance is mandatory. The unsecured policy might not apply based on the product and industry type.
  • After the electronic contract is completed, you will receive a unique MID, Client Key, and Secret Key.



  • Go to [SETTINGS > Shop Settings] and click the [Set Up Shop] button.
  • SHOP Name
    • Please name your SHOP.
    • You'll need to name your SHOP before adjusting shopping settings.
    • Please click the "Edit" button to add additional languages.
  • Payment Methods & Currency
    • Select ‘Toss Payments’ as the PG company and fill out the required fields in both Digital and Physical sections.
    • Enter the [Payment method] (ex. Credit card) for one-time and recurring payments.
    • The required currency is set to [KRW].
    • Please input the issued MID, Client Key, and Secret Key mentioned above.
  • Exchange Rate
    • Toss Payments currently provides KRW only.
  • Points
    • Select whether to use points and fill out the required fields.
    • You may change the name of the points, units and basic earnings rate later, however, you will not be able to change the points expiration period. 
  • Consent Items
    • Please review the items that require member's consent upon payment. (Information on collecting and using personal information & Terms and conditions of payment service)
  • Request a Review
    • When all settings are complete, click [Request a Review].



  • b.stage will conduct an internal review. This might take up to 5 business days.
  • When b.stage finishes the review, the approval details will be sent to the email address of the admin account who requested it.



  • Go to [SETTINGS > Shop Settings] and follow the steps below:
    • Change the SHOP to "Public".
    • Change the "Sponsorships" to "Don't use" during the card company review.
    • Read the "Terms and conditions of payment service" and edit it according to your operational policy.


  • Go to [PRODUCTS > Digital Vouchers & Tickets] to register the voucher that must be reviewed.
    • There must be both one-time and recurring payments vouchers to be reviewed. Please register 1 Subscription Voucher and 1 Limited-time Voucher, respectively.
    • Ensure that all information is entered based on actual sales details. Price, content usage period, content description, provision period, and refund policy, along with all mandatory details, should be accurately filled in.
    • For the voucher name, please use "Recurring payment voucher" for Subscription Voucher and "N-month voucher" for Limited-time Voucher.


  • Go to [CONTENT > Posts / Videos / Story] and add 2 Paid Contents(1 for Subscription Voucher / 1 for Limited-time Voucher).
    • Click [Add > Select whether Paid video or Paid post], then click on the [Connect a digital voucher / ticket(Required)] at the top right.
    • Clearly indicate the paid content by entering [Paid] at the beginning of the title.
    • Behind cuts (videos and photos) and behind stories are recommended for Paid Content.
    • Please select "Publish now" as a visibility status.


  • Please register 1 Physical Product via PRODUCTS > Physical Products.
    • Adding Physical Products
    • All information must be based on actual sales details. Price, product thumbnail, detailed description, delivery information, and refund policy, along with all mandatory details, should be accurately filled in.
    • The visibility has to be [Publish now].



  • When all product settings are ready for the card company review, please submit a request to Toss Payments
  • Please refrain from making any additional modifications or additions to products of the same type until the card company review is completed.
  • Please do not modify the business information and phone number at the bottom (e.g., changing from 010 to secure numbers).
  • Avoid marking products as sold out.
  • Do not change the website URL.
  • The card company review takes about 7 to 10 business days.



  • Once the card company review is completed, you will receive a completion notification through Kakaotalk.


Precautions for PG Registration

  • Before signing up for the service, please check if all the settings are completed and that you have all the necessary documents to submit when requested.
  • If you do not satisfy the following conditions or if a test product is registered, you may be disqualified during the card company review.
  • The PG Review may be denied depending on the industry or content type in the link below.
    • If you are conducting business in an industry where credit cards cannot be used, you will not be able to sign up. Please make sure to double-check it.
  • After the completion of card company review, the settlement cycle is on average 5 days. However, this may vary depending on the industry and the sold items.
  • During the Toss Payments onboarding assessment, if any modifications are required in your application details or within the b.stage, Toss Payments will contact you via phone or email.
  • You can check the status within the Store Manager’s [Usage Information > Payments and Additional Services > Payment Card Issuers] menu. (Please refer to this guide for more details).


Industries Not Eligible for Toss Payments Onboarding

  • For a list of industries that are not eligible for onboarding or have restricted entry, please refer to the following link.
  • In cases where entry is conditionally allowed, additional documentation might be required, and service availability will be determined after the internal discussion.


Toss Payments Customer Service

  • Toss Payments
    • When contacting Toss Payments, please notify them that the partner company is “b.stage.”.