How do I add PayPal?

PayPal can be added while opening a SHOP for the first time.

ⓐ While opening a SHOP

SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Payment Method > Select PayPal for Digital and Physical Products, respectively.

ⓑ Payment Method

  • PAYPAL provides both One-time and Recurring payments.
    • One-time payment: Personal Voucher, Limited-time Voucher, General Sponsorships, Seasonal Memberships, Digital Tickets
    • Recurring payments: Subscription Voucher, Recurring Sponsorships, General Memberships
    • Payment method name: This is the name that will appear when a customer selects a payment method. Ex) Credit Card. It is possible to add multiple languages, and it will be displayed in the default language when not added.
    • Notices: Please enter any details your customers should be mindful of when making payments.
      • You must provide the default language (English) in order to save it
    • Payment Currency Settings: USD is the only currency which is supported by PayPal.
    • Business ID: Please complete payment login verification. For more detailed PayPal account settings, please click this link.

ⓒ Visibility settings

  • From SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Payment Method > Select [Digital] PayPal or [Physical] PayPal, you are able to turn off the visibility.

ⓓ Changing Business ID

  • From SETTINGS > Shop Settings > Payment Method > Select [Digital] PayPal or [Physical] PayPal > PayPal Account Settings, you are able to change the connected Business ID.
    • Please note that revoking or deleting the permissions of Business ID may cause damage to the customer as previous payments history may not be viewed or canceled successfully.
    • If you change your PayPal Business ID, previous subscriptions will be billed to your old Business ID and new payments will be billed to your new ID, respectively.