Where do I manage membership orders?

You can check the details of membership orders from ORDERS > Memberships.

  • Click [Cancel order] on the top right to cancel the order and process a refund.
    • Please verify the refund amount and continue. Once canceled, the order cannot be restored.


  • From Membership Order's list, click [Download Excel file] at the top right to download detailed order history for all membership.
    • You can download Memberships data to an Excel file. (When searching with a filter, only the data in the search results will be requested for download.)
    • File creation can take up to 10 minutes. The completed file can be downloaded from My Requests list.
    • Once a download has been created, it will be available for up to 4 hours. (If time is exceeded, you can request to download the file again.)
    • In the event that users' personal information is leaked, you may be held responsible in accordance with relevant laws. Please carefully manage and dispose of the Excel file after use.