Create different Boards with topics fans are interested in and will want to post about. You can also choose to limit access to Boards to fans with memberships.


👉 Community Publish

  • Please click MY B.STAGE > Community > Private button ON > Check required agreements (All users can now access the Community menu. You can choose to hide it again if necessary.) > Make Public.


✔️ Create a board

  • Please click [Create a Board] and select the type of Board you want to create first. After that, you can add more Boards for specific purposes
    • Basic Board: Add posts with titles.
    • Simplified Board: Add simple posts without titles.


  • Main Board: This is the first Board customers will see when accessing the Community menu. The first Board will automatically become the main Board. (A Board that displays all posts at a glance is coming soon.)


  • Manage Boards: You can create up to 20 boards including "Hidden Boards" by clicking [+ Add]. Boards will appear to customers in the order you set.
    • Board name
      • Please enter Board name. Adding multiple language is also possible. If not entered, it will be displayed in the default language.
      • Board name can contain up to 30 characters. If you need to edit, click the pencil icon.


  • Default view
    • Please select the default view type that customers will see when entering the board.
    • The recommended view types are indicated according to the board type you select.
    • The following view types are currently provided:
      • List type: A view type that provides the title or first part of a text in a list form.
      • Card type: A view type in the form of a card that allows fans to view titles, content, and images (thumnails) at once.
      • Customers are allowed to select the view type on their own (ex. From List type to Card type).


  • Read Permissions
    • Manage the [Read Permissions] of the board. If disclosure is required only to members who have purchased membership, please select [Only Members with Memberships].
    • Customers with other membership levels will see the following message: "The selected content cannot be accessed with this option."
    • Customers may not be able to purchase products depending on the sales/display status of the membership. Please double-check before proceeding.
    • If you have not published the SHOP, it is not possible to set permissions.

0605 EDM-비밀댓글_비밀게시판(EN).png

  • Post Permissions
    • When set as [Stars, Managers Only] or [Managers Only], only members who have been granted "Star" or "Manager" role from CUSTOMERS > Members can write posts.

    • Post Permissions can be modified, and do not affect the Read Permissions.


      • Based on the settings for Read and Post Permissions, the following scenarios are possible:
      • Read Permissions: [Only Members with Memberships] - Post Permissions: [All members with Read Permissions]

        Membership holders, 'Stars,' and 'Managers' accounts are able to view and write posts (Members without membership cannot).


      • Read Permissions: [All Members] - Post Permissions: [Stars, Managers Only]

        All members are only allowed to view (Cannot write posts).


      • Read Permissions: [Only Members with Memberships] - Post Permissions: [Managers Only]

        Only members with memberships are able to view (Cannot write posts).

        'Star' and 'Manager' accounts are still able to view and write even if the Read Permissions are set to [Only Members with Memberships].


  • Other Setting
    • Private Comments: You can set the option for using private comments on this Board.
    • Hide from Star: Boards that are hidden will not be visible to Star. Set view and edit permissions to all members to make them exclusive to your members.
    • Secret Board: Private board for member who writes post, Manager, and Star posts only. Ideal for fan letters and other exclusive content.
      • Members with Read Permissions can access the board, but posts other than their own are displayed as secret, thus, they cannot access the detailed page.
      • In boards where both [Hide from Star] and [Secret Board] are set, they will not be visible to Stars.
      • Posts written by Stars and Managers in the Secret Board are not treated as secret, therefore, members with Read Permissions can see them.


  • Show/Delete
    • You can set whether or not to show to the public by clicking the switch on the left of each board.
    • When changing to Hidden, boards are arranged in ascending order under the [Hidden Boards] area.
    • You cannot delete a Board if it includes at least 1 post.


  • When all settings are complete, click [Apply] on the top right, and the board will be published to the service.

👉 Post

  • Write a post
    • Posting is only allowed for users who signed up as a member.
    • [Member] / [Stars] / [Managers] accounts can write a post.
    • When writing a post, you can upload up to 10 photos or 1 video with up to 10,000 characters. You can only attach one type of content, either photos or videos.
      • Photos support JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats up to 10MB.
      • If you click the attached image, an editing tool that allows you to freely edit will pop up. You can crop images, apply filters, resize images, etc.
      • Videos:
        • It may take at least one minute to upload your video
        • You cannot resume an upload that has been stopped midway
        • Please make sure your internet is stable so your upload will not be interrupted
        • Only MP4 and MOV videos up to 20MB in size can be uploaded
    • You can use hashtags (#) to divide topics more easily. Please don't make comments that could be considered abusive or offensive.


  • Pin to Top
    • Only [Admin] accounts are able to pin posts up to 5.
    • If the 6th post is pinned after 5, the 1st pinned post get automatically removed from the pinned list.
    • After clicking [⁝] on the right side of a post that is pinned to the top, click the [Unpin] button to release.


  • Hide
    • If there is a post/comment that needs to be hidden, click [⁝] on the right and then click the [Hide] button.
    • When the hiding process is completed, [Admin] accounts can check the phrase [Hid post], and in the case of [Members] accounts on the service, the post becomes private.
    • To make public, click the [⁝] of the hidden post and click [Show] button.
    • Please note that when the post is hidden, all the comments left are also changed to private.

Fans can check the Stars who have written comments/replies or reacted at the Feed (Main Home/Community)
• Up to 3 Stars will be displayed in order of recent writing/reaction.
• If all comments/replies/reactions of a Star are deleted, the Star will no longer be displayed in the area.
• If there are no Star comments/replies/reactions on the content, general comments from member are displayed.

Secret Comments
• Only members are allowed to leave secret comments on the content created by Manager or Star accounts.
     ৹ Posts/Videos/Embed YouTube or Twitch content
     ৹ Star Stories
     ৹ Community - Posts uploaded by Manager or Stars
• Only comments can be set as secret. (Replies to comments or nested replies cannot be secret.)
• Once a comment is set as secret, then it cannot be converted back to a regular comment.
• Secret and "Blinded" comments can be viewed by the person who writes that comment, Manager, Stars (Members cannot.)
• Secret and "Hidden" comments can be only viewed by the Manager (The person who writes that comment, Stars and Members cannot.)