Shop Home

Products offered (digital/physical products and memberships) will be listed out. Use banners to emphasize events or certain products, and use categories or sections to organize items however you want.


👉 Shop Home

  • Shop Home is the first screen that fans enter to explore digital and physical products, therefore, it can be used to promote and configure the shopping environment.
  • Please make your Shop public by clicking on the activation button.


  • Top banner
    • Link events or products you want to highlight on up to 10 banners.
    • If you add 2 or more products or events, they will automatically rotate every 3 seconds.


  • Add a banner
    • You can add multiple languages. Banners in an unregistered language will appear in the default language.
    • Click [Add banner image] > [Upload Image] to directly upload the image you want, or click [Search on Unsplash] to search for and add images via Unsplash.
      • Unsplash is a site that provides free copyright high-resolution photos.
    • The recommended image size is 2032*1016px (2:1 ratio), and JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats up to 10MB are supported.
    • If you would like to add a title to the banner, you must upload an image first. Then, enter the [Title] shown aboe the uploaded image (up to 20 characters).
    • You can change the title alignment, and the text color with the edit tool available below the banner image.
    • Since the images may appear different depending on user's device settings, you may check [Mobile Preview] to check how the image would display on the mobile version. (the left part will be hidden.)
    • [Add dark color (You can adjust the opacity)]: Manually enter the number in the [% field] on the right.


  • Access URL (required): Please insert an URL to redirect the users upon clicking.
    • Actiavate [Open in new window] if you wish to redirect the users in new window.


  • Visibility Settings
    • You can specify [Publish now] / [Set time to publish] / [Private] / [Set last date to display].
    • If you set last date to display, the banner would be unexposed on the designated date and time.


  • Shop (Service view)
    • Up to 16 products are displayed in the Shop Home, and you can load more products by clicking the [View more] button located below.


  • When all settings are complete, click [Save] on the upper right corner.


👉 Categories

Organize categories to browse products conveniently.

  • You can create up to 10 categories, and if you want to add a new category after reaching the maximum number, please delete the unused ones.
  • You need to set a category to display products in the SHOP Home.


✔️ Category items

  • When you click the category name, the category title and product selection editing window pops up.
  • When [•••] is clicked, [Edit], [Copy URL], and [Delete] options are provided.
  • Once the category is deleted, products linked to the category will not be shown. Deleted categories are not saved and cannot be recovered.


  • Categories are not exposed at the time of creation.
  • Any edits to exposed categories (changes, registrations, deletions, etc.) are immediately applied to the SHOP Home and visible to customers.
  • You can change the order of categories by dragging and dropping them and they will be presented the same way in the SHOP Home.


✔️ Add Category

ⓐ Click [Add Category].

ⓑ Enter the title. Multilingual settings are also possible, it will be shown in default language if left blank.

  • You can enter up to 20 characters including spaces.

ⓑ-② Click [Set Purchase Permission OFF] to enable purchase permission settings when creating a category for the first time. When category permission is ON, it is only visible to target groups, and up to 20 products can be linked.

  • Click [Select group] to choose the group to grant purchase permissions to. You can select an existing group or create a new one.

ⓒ Select a product to link to the category. You can search by [Product ID], and you can add Tangible Goods • Vouchers/Tickets • Memberships by clicking each tab.

  • Products are listed from the latest.

ⓓ You can check the selected products on the right, up to 100 products can be selected.

  • Click [Delete all] to delete all selected products from the list.
  • You can modify the exposure order of products by dragging and dropping of [⁝⁝] icon, and the product that is situated on the top will be displayed in the Shop Home first.


ⓔ When the setting is complete, click [Save].